Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography always give me so much pleasure, bringing back a host of memories having had three children myself. I find Maternity Photography Sessions bring an element of excitement as you capture this amazing time in your life on camera.

Also please don’t be shy, any marks, hairs etc are completely normal and we can either keep them or edit them after depending on your wishes.  For more information please contact me.

Maternity Prices

If you have something particular in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss Maternity Photographs. A lot of customers bring their partners or a family friend, so we can do a host of photographs from close up baby bump photos, to partners embracing, to proud family & friends.

If you have children already, please bring them along with you, we can capture some adorable photographs to show your newborn later in life of their sibling cuddling them against your bump.

I love these Maternity Photography Sessions, they have so much to offer and the captured memories are just magical.

Ask me questions

The studio environment is private, so if you wish to have a photograph baring your body & bump then you can do in comfort and warmth.

Please bring any lingerie or nighties you wish to wear to emphasis your bump.

If you do bring your partner then they may also wish to wear boxers or have their shirt off, but this is all optional.

Remember the photographs with full clothes are equally amazing, so don’t feel you have to bare all.

I know when I was pregnant (3 times) I went through phases of body confidence shifts, so again please don’t worry we can ‘if you want’ edit those little quirks out later.

Additional Information:

Happy Travel

I’m based in Rugby, Warwickshire, although I’m more than happy to travel all over the country whether that is to a venue or location shoot. Please don’t hesitate to speak to me about coming to you.

Payment Plan

More often than not you’ll be blown away with your photographs that you’ll want to buy them all. With this in mind a lot of my customers like to spread the costs with our monthly payment plan. Please don’t hesitate to speak to me about options.

Home Studio

I’m very fortunate to have a Home Professional Studio, which adds to the sense of comfort and ease for my customers, taking away the clinical and stark Commercial studio effect, especially for younger children and newborns.

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