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Commercial Headshots Photography

Are you are looking for Corporate Headshots or Staff Photography? I can offer an onsite service which normally requires approximately 30mins to 1 hour to set up and depending on the group size appropriately 5-10 mins per person. For Owners, Directors, & Senior Staff you may wish to have 30mins to 60mins to capture different shots inside and outside. Pricing is bespoke, although it is typically based on an hourly rate. Alternatively, if you require an individual headshot, then you may opt to call in to my home studio, which typically takes 30mins. White backdrops or darker backdrops are available.

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Commercial Photography

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If you are looking for a Professional Photographer for Commercial Photography then look no further. Whether these are single shots, group shots or venue/office shots, we can be innovative and creative or we can capture some traditional shots. Typically we allocate an hour before shoot to generate a creative brief, depending on the scale of the project this can be quicker or longer, allowing us to script the photos and develop a schedule. This ensures that we minimise your staff’s time and disruption and capture the right photographs first time.

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Commercial Exhibition Photography

Are you Exhibiting or are you an Exhibition Organiser requiring a Professional Photographer? If so please contact me for availability and pricing, Exhibition photography can be Full Day, Part Day or by the hour. Depending on the travel requirements and number of days required, there may be additional charges to cover this time and cost. Any images published may have additional charges applied.

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Corporate Event Photography

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Are you having a Special Event? A Christmas Party, Opening Event, Networking Event, Charity Event, Member’s Meeting or Celebration? Then please contact me to discuss your event and we can create a brief and price bespoke to your requirements. Typically pricing is based on an hourly rate and if photographs are published there is an additional charge of ¬£25 per image.

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For more information on Event Photography including Pricing please do not hesitate to contact me.

Event Photography quotations will take into account:

– Type of Event

– Number of Persons at the Event

– Equipment & Set up required

– Duration and Location of the Event

– If a Photography point of sale is required (i.e. Onsite show and print)

I’d happily discuss these with you.

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